Welcome to York Papers in Linguistics (YPL), produced within the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at the University of York. The site contains a range of information about YPL including all papers from the current issue and contents listings for previous issues, submission guidelines and related publications.

Current Issue

Our current issue (YPL2, issue 14) is the sixth online-only issue of YPL. Papers from YPL2 issue 9 and later are available to download for free under the Previous Issues tab. PDF copies of articles from YPL2 Issue 8 and earlier may be available on request. Print copies of YPL2 issue 8 and earlier are also available to purchase. Please email ypl@york.ac.uk to make a request or for more information.

Special Issue

We also host the Proceedings of the annual Postgraduate and Academic Researchers in Linguistics at York (PARLAY) conference. The proceedings can be downloaded for free under the PARLAY Proceedings tab.