PARLAY 2014 proceedings

Special Issue – PARLAY Proceedings – Issue 2

Editors: Veronica Gonzalez Temer, Aiqing Wang, David O’Reilly and Jelena Horvatic

This special YPL issue contains papers from the second Postgraduate and Academic Researchers in Linguistics at York (PARLAY 2014) conference. The entire proceedings and individual papers can be downloaded for free in PDF format. If you cannot view these files please download a PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Shift Topic and Topic Continuity in Italian and Modern Hebrew – Ilaria Bacolini (Full paper download)

The Syntactic Analysis of the Modern Greek Factive pu-Clauses – Catherine Gkritziou (Full paper download)

Phonetic Variation as a Cue to Regional Identity – Daniel Lawrence (Full paper download)

A Case Study of Diglossia in South Tyrol – Mara Leonardi (Full paper download)

Neural Substrates of Copredication – Elliot Murphy (Full paper download)

The Transfer of Expressive Meaning in the Translation of Synaesthetic Metaphors from Thai to English – Suparak Techacharoenrungrueang and Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin (Full paper download)

A Cognitive CDA-Approach to the Arab Revolutions – Stefanie Ullmann (Full paper download)

This Revolutionary Situation Has Been Brewing for a Long Time – Maria Vasilaki (Full paper download)

Out-of-the-ordinary Orthography – Lieke Verheijen (Full paper download)

Complimenting in English and Thai Novels – Sakulrat Worathumrong and Sudaporn Luksaneeyanawin (Full paper download)

Download the complete PARLAY 2014 proceedings HERE


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