PARLAY 2013 proceedings

Editor: Theodora Lee

This special YPL issue contains papers from the first Postgraduate and Academic Researchers in Linguistics at York (PARLAY 2013) conference. The entire proceedings and individual papers can be downloaded for free in PDF format. If you cannot view these files please download a PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Cover, Editorial Note & Contents – (Front Pages – 480 kB)

Quentin Dabouis – English Stress and Underling Representations – (Full Paper – 391 kB)

Olivier Glain – Introducing Contemporary Palatalisation – (Full Paper – 371 kB)

Ania Kubisz – The Role of Gendered Sociolinguistic Variables as Perceptual Cues – (Full Paper – 405 kB)

Catherine E. Laing – Phonological ‘Wildness’ in Early Language Development: Exploring the Role of Onomatopoeia – (Full Paper – 636 kB)

Ewelina Mokrosz – Agreement Patterns in It-Clefts: a Minimalist Account – (Full Paper – 4,831 kB)

Verónica González Temer – Clicks in Chilean Spanish Conversation – (Full Paper – 198 kB)

Ilaria Torre – Production and Perception of Smiling Voice – (Full Paper – 1,850 kB)

Jessica Wormald – Bradford Panjabi-English: the Realisation of FACE and GOAT – (Full Paper – 1,259 kB)

Download PARLAY Proceedings 2013 – 10,121 kB


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