YPL2 – Issue 1 (February 2004)

Editors: Jonny Butler, Davita Morgan, Leendert Plug and Gareth Walker

Jonny Butler – On Having Arguments and Agreeing: Semantic EPP (1-27)

Traci S. Curl, John Local and Gareth Walker – Repetition and the prosody-pragmatics interface (29-63)

Cecile De Cat – French Subject Clitics Are Not Agreement Markers (65-92)

Alexandra Galani – Distributed Morphology and Suppletive vs Non-Suppletive Stem Formation in Modern Greek (93-108)

Kook-Hee Gill – WH Quantification in Korean, Japanese and Malayalam: A Comparative View (109-135)

Susan Pintzuk and Ann Taylor – Objects in Old English: Why and How Early English Is Not Icelandic (137-150)

Bernadette Plunkett – Locutionary Inversion in Modern French (151-179)

Evi Sifaki – The EPP Requirement (181-212)

Hidekazu Tanaka – On the Categorial Status of Raising Complements (213-222)

George Tsoulas – On A Binding-Theoretic Argument for Base Generation of Long Distance Scrambling (223-236)


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