YPL2 – Issue 10 (May 2009)

Special Issue – York-Essex Morphology Meeting (YEMM)

Editors: Alexandra Galani, Daniel Redinger and Norman Yeo

YPL 2 Issue 10 is the second online only version of YPL where the entire issue and individual papers can be downloaded for free in PDF format. If you cannot view these files please download a PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Cover, Editorial Note & Contents – (Front Pages – 38 kB)

Paolo Acquaviva – Roots and Lexicality in Distributed Morphology – (Full Paper – 479 kB)

Olga Borik – Morphology-Semantics Interface: Dealing with Aspect – (Full Paper – 515 kB)

Nicola Grandi – Restrictions of Italian Verb Evaluative Suffixes: The Role of Aspect and Actionality – (Full Paper – 493 kB)

Lior Laks – Defective Paradigms in Derivational Morphology: Hebrew Valence Changing – (Full Paper – 422 kB)

Jesse Tseng – Adjectival Inflection in Dutch – (Full Paper – 451 kB)

Download YPL 2 Issue 10 – 1.4 MB


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