YPL2 – Issue 12a (December 2012)

Editors: Theodora Lee, Thomas Devlin and Natalie Fecher

The current issue is the fourth online only version of YPL where the entire issue and individual papers can be downloaded for free in PDF format. If you cannot view these files please download a PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Cover, Editorial Note & Contents – (Front Pages – 110 kB)

Dominic Watt & Juliet Burns – Verbal Descriptions of Voice Quality Differences Among Untrained Listeners – (Full Paper – 570 kB)

Ann Taylor & Susan Pintzuk – Verb Order, Object Position and Information Status in Old English – (Full Paper – 1,090 kB)

Helen Goodluck, Danijela Stojanović, Darinka Anđelković, Maja Savić and Mile Vuković – The Interpretation of Questions by Serbia-speaking Broca’s Aphasics – (Full Paper – 391 kB)

Rebecca Woods – Thoughts on Multiple Wh-fronting in Czech – (Full Paper – 1,156 kB)

Rebecca Tollan – Inflectional Morphology and the Loss of V to T Raising in English – (Full Paper – 2,502 kB)

Rebecca Tollan – Island Constraints and Extraction of Lexical Case-marked DPs in Finnish and Turkish – (Full Paper – 2,179 kB)

Download YPL 2 Issue 12a – 7,849 kB