YPL2 – Issue 3 (April 2005)

Editors: Glyn Hicks and Gareth Walker

Jonny Butler – Sequence of Tense Phenomena and Non-Eventivity (1-6)

Joanne Close – The Syntax of Double Modal in Hawick Scots (7-25)

Traci S. Curl – Offers of Assistance: Constraints on Syntactic Design (27-53)

Gaelle Ferre – Gesture, Intonation, and the Pragmatic Structure of Narratives in British English Conversation (55-90)

Glyn Hicks – Deriving Condition A (91-131)

John Local and Gareth Walker – ‘Mind the Gap’: Further Resources in the Production of Multi-unit, Multi-action Turns (133-143)

Leendert Plug – The Phonetics of Repetition in Other-initiated Repair in Dutch: A comparative Exercise (145-171)

Hidekazu Tanaka: Antecedent-Contained Deletion Without Quantifier Raising (173-184)


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