YPL2 – Issue 4 (December 2005)

Seventy years of Firthian phonology: prospect and retrospect

Editors: J. Kelly and Leendert Plug

John Local and Bill Wells – Introduction (1-14)

Leendert Plug – J. R. Firth: Life, Work and Legacy (15-48)

Adrian P. Simpson – ‘From a Grammatical Angle.’ Congruence in Eileen Whitley’s Phonology of English (49-90)

John Kelly – ‘Saying Different Things.’ E. M. Whitley’s Early Phonological Analysis of Irish (91-124)

R. K. Sprigg – Types of R Prosodic Piece in a Firthian Phonology of English, and Their Vowel and Consonant Systems (125-156)

R. K. Sprigg – The Short-Quantity Piece in English Lexical Items, and Its Vowel Systems (157-188)

Richard Ogden – The Phonetics of Agreement and Disagreement (189-220)

Elena Battaner – J. R. Firth and the London School: A Historical and Theoretical Approach to Firthian Prosodic Phonology (221-258)


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