YPL2 – Issue 5 (March 2006)

Papers from the Third York-Holland Symposium on the History of English Syntax

Editors: Joanne Close, Alexandra Galani, Beck Sinar and Phillip Wallage

Marion Elenbaas – On the Emergence of the Verb-Particle-Object Order in English: an Investigation into the Language Contact Factor (1-28)

Richard Ingham – NegV1 and Secondary Negation in Old and Middle English Religious Prose (29-50)

Amel Kallel – The Loss of Negative Concord: Internal Factors (51-80)

Tanja Milicev – The Dative Alternation in Old English (81-104)

Ann Taylor – Contact Effects of Translation: Distinguishing two kinds of influence in Old English (105-126)

Phillip Wallage – On the status of ‘ne’ in Old English Prose and Poetry (127-156)

Anthony Warner – Types of Inversion in Middle English (157-178)

Wim van der Wurff – DO NOTHING BUT + V: From parallel form to bare infinitive (179-214)


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