YPL2 – Issue 6 (May 2006)

(including papers from the Fourth York-Holland Symposium on the History of English Syntax)

Editors: Tim Guy and Chris Harris

Jo Close – Two Have or Not Two Have: The Multiple Realisation of Auxiliary Have in English Dialects (1-26)

Marion Elenbaas – The Structural Development of the Verb-Particle Combination in the History of English (27-56)

Alice Eriks-Brophy, Helen Goodluck, and Danijela Stojanovic – Complex Syntax in High Functioning Individuals with Down Syndrome (57-68)

Bill Haddican – The Structural Deficiency of Pro-forms (69-76)

Eric Haeberli and Susan Pintzuk – Revisiting Verb (Projection) Raising in Old English (77-94)

Glyn Hicks – The Binding Theory Doesn’t (Have to) Apply at LF (95-114)

Marijana Marelj and Tanja Milicev – Argument Structure and Case in the Nominal Domain: An Old English/Serbo-Croat Perspective (115-142)

Leendert Plug – Speed and Reduction in Postpositioned Self-initiated Self-repair (143-162)

Beck Sinar – From ‘Self’ to ‘X-self’: The Change in the Form of the English Intensifier (163-184)

Hidekazu Tanaka – Fragments (185-195)


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