YPL2 – Issue 8 (September 2007)

Editors: Nanna Haug Hilton, Beck Sinar and Hazel Steele

Linda van Bergen – Negative Contraction and Old English Dialects: Evidence from Glosses (1-33)

Theresa Biberauer and Ian Roberts – The Return of the Subset Principle: A Diachronic Perspective (34-59)

Mercedes Durham – ‘It’s altered a lot, has York’: Right dislocation in Northern England (60-71)

Bill Haddican – On Egin: Do-Support and VP Focus in Central and Western Basque (72-102)

Amel Kallel – The lexical reanalysis of n-words in the history of English: a case of disambiguation (103-119)

Svenja Kranich – Subjectification and the English Progressive: The History of ALWAYS + Progressive Constructions (120-137)

Carmen Llamas – A methodology: data collection for regional and social language variation studies (138-163)

Susan Pintzuk and Eric Haeberli – Head-final Structure in Old English Root Clauses (164-199)

Leendert Plug and Markus Reuber – Analysing patients’ talk in the differential diagnosis of seizure disorders: a case comparison (200-218)

Hidekazu Tanaka and Mika Kizu – Island Insensitive Constructions in Japanese (219-234)

Kate Whisker, Andrew John Merrison and Nikki Swift – TH-fronting in Hull: Investigating the Inland Revenue! (235-???)


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