YPL2 – Issue 9 (November 2008)

Editors: Alexandra Galani, Daniel Redinger and Norman Yeo

YPL 2 Issue 9 is the first online only version of YPL where the entire issue and individual papers can be downloaded for free in PDF format. If you cannot view these files please download a PDF viewer such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Cover, Editorial Note & Contents – (Front Pages – 33 kB)

Suzanne Bardeas – A Minimalist Approach to the Semitic Construct State – (Full Paper – 338 kB)

Alexandra Imrie – Rhythm as a Resource to Generate Phonetic and Phonological Coherence in Lists – (Full Paper – 685 kB)

Koji Kawahara – Phrasal Comparatives and their Composition – (Full Paper – 427 kB)

C. Llamas, P. Harrison, D. Donnelly and D. Watt – Effects of Different Types of Face Coverings on Speech Acoustics and Intelligibility – (Full Paper – 830 kB)

Heather Marsden – Pair-list Readings in Korean and Japanese: Preliminary Exploration of an Unexpected Contrast – (Full Paper – 943 kB)

Ann Taylor – A Note on the Position of the Verb in Old English Rhythmic Prose – (Full Paper – 447 kB)

Download YPL 2 Issue 9 – 2.5 MB


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